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Treatment Compliance Tools

EXOGEN® provides a full suite of support tools to help your patients use their device consistently and as prescribed. In multiple studies, EXOGEN has demonstrated high treatment compliance rates of 89% to 95%.16,17,21

Treatment Tracking Calendar

EXOGEN’s built-in treatment tracking calendar tracks completed and missed treatments, making compliance tracking convenient for patients and verifiable for physicians.

EXOGEN device with calendar and callouts

EXOGEN Performance Program

The EXOGEN Performance Program guarantees progression of non-union fracture healing for patients using EXOGEN. If the requirements of the program are met and no radiologic healing progression is shown, Bioventus will refund all out-of-pocket costs. Learn more

20-Minute Treatment

With treatments lasting just 20 minutes, EXOGEN fits conveniently into the patient’s daily routine.

Customer Support

EXOGEN Customer Support is available to answer questions and help maintain continuity of treatment at 1-800-836-4080.

Smartphone App with Treatment Reminder

EXOGEN CONNECTS is free smartphone app that sends automated treatment reminders and provides helpful healing information.
Learn more

Physician Resources

View or download EXOGEN materials and manuals, including the EXOGEN Casting Application Techniques Guide and EXOGEN Mechanism of Action Brochure. View resources

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