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Frequently Asked Questions for Payers

How do I know patients will actually use the device once prescribed?

EXOGEN treatments are only 20 minutes per day, which makes it easy for patients to fit into their daily routine. In addition, patients can download EXOGEN CONNECTS, a free smartphone app designed to help patients use their device consistently and as prescribed. The app sends automated treatment reminders and provides helpful healing information to encourage daily use. Learn more.

How much could EXOGEN save me?

EXOGEN may reduce costs associated with surgery, outpatient care and other device costs. An analysis of treatment costs associated with non-union tibia fractures showed that EXOGEN may save as much as $15,000 per case.13

Why should my plan cover EXOGEN since most bones heal on their own?

While most bones do heal with immobilization, up to 10% become non-unions.24 Treatment options for non-unions are limited and, in the absence of external bone healing technology, may result in expensive surgical procedures, at an average cost of $45,000 per case.22 EXOGEN has a demonstrated overall 86%4 heal rate for non-union fractures and may help reduce the necessity of non-union surgeries, resulting in significant savings. EXOGEN may also help speed the healing of indicated* fresh fractures. This is especially important in helping workers return to their jobs.

What is the difference between EXOGEN and other bone stimulators?

EXOGEN is the only system approved by the FDA for accelerating indicated* fresh fracture healing and the only device that uses low-intensity, pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) signals—a unique technology that stimulates an orthobiologic response at the cellular level11. EXOGEN is also recognized by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as a unique technology and has been issued a unique HCPCS code (E0760) unlike other bone stimulation devices, which share a single code.
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