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For Payers

EXOGEN® helps reduce health care costs by 40%13 per case and gets patients back to work faster.13 Estimated costs for treating a non-union vary between $25,00013 and $45,00022 but in clinical studies, the EXOGEN Ultrasound Bone Healing System has been shown to reduce treatment costs by as much as $15,000.13

Cost-Effective Fracture Treatment

Tibial fracture cost

Study facts

  • Analysis of treatment costs associated with tibial shaft fractures
  • Evaluated workers’ compensation, emergency room, surgery, outpatient and device costs
  • Savings using EXOGEN: $15,219 per case

Optimal bone healing system

In a statistical simulation, researchers put EXOGEN up against other bone stimulation devices and calculated the expected cost to treat a non-union fracture.23 The researchers determined that EXOGEN was the optimal bone healing system for 85%23 of patients and the most cost-effective treatment for non-union fractures. Expected treatment costs using the other devices were calculated to be 24–44% higher than with EXOGEN.23

Proven effectiveness

EXOGEN is shown to accelerate healing of indicated* fresh fractures by 38%2,3 and may speed up fracture healing in patients with certain risk factors, such as obesity, advanced age and tobacco use, the latter by as much as 50%.12 EXOGEN has also demonstrated a high non-union heal rate of 86%4 and may prevent the need for further surgery.4 In multiple studies, EXOGEN has demonstrated high treatment compliance rates of 89–95%.16,17,21

#1 in fracture stimulation5

*Detailed reference information and Summary of Indications are in References section

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